Hello everyone, we are two entrepreneur brothers. It all started when I bought an LED night light for my bedroom because i don't like too bright lights. Inspired, my brother in turn ordered the famous LED moon lamp. So on the idea of ​​3D printing and LED we started the adventure of ZZlumino.

After acquiring a first 3D printer, we created many 3D models in order to perform light rendering tests. Thanks to 3D printing technology, we were able to give shape to our imaginations. Our efforts were directed towards the best possible visual in order to show the windows, doors and other grounds. All the models on this site are modeled by us.

This adventure of passion in the world of LED lighting inspires our childhood and our dreams.

Our workshop, 3D printer and numerous tests
The Evolution of Minaret Modeling
Different tests of the Minaret
Several models abandoned or in development